Where To Get Crane Control Room Key

Where To Get Crane Control Room Key

Have you been exploring the vast map of Al Mazrah in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 or DMZ and come across mysterious locked rooms guarded by fierce AI combatants? If so, you may have wondered how to get access to these restricted areas hiding valuable loot. Well, one such elusive location is the Crane Control Room tucked away in the Al-Safwa Quarry region.

To unlock the Crane Control Room and raid its precious caches, you’ll need to acquire the special key that grants access to this denied zone. But where exactly do you get this key, and how can you use it to complete missions in DMZ and Warzone 2? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through all the ways to obtain the coveted Crane Control Room key across Warzone 2, DMZ, and even Modern Warfare 2. From completing specific faction missions to purchasing special editions of the game and more, we share insider tips on grabbing this key and making the most of it.

So tighten up your armored vest, equip your favorite gun, and let’s storm through this guide to get the Crane Control Room key!

Where to Find the Crane Control Room Key

The Crane Control Room key doesn’t just fall from the sky or appear randomly on the map. There are a few designated ways to get your hands on this coveted key. Here are the main methods to obtain the Crane Control Room key in Warzone 2 and DMZ:

Complete Faction Missions

Taking on faction missions for groups like Black Mous, White Lotus, and Redacted lets you unlock rewards like the Crane Control Room key. Here are some of the specific missions that grant this key:

Black Mous Tier 3 Mission “Quick and Dirty”

Finishing this mission rewards you with the Crane Control Room key. As a Tier 3 mission, you’ll need to complete the Tier 1 and 2 missions for Black Mous first to unlock “Quick and Dirty.” This method requires some effort but nets you the key for free just through gameplay.

Redacted Tier 1 Mission “Upgraded Arsenal”

The “Upgraded Arsenal” mission for the Redacted faction at Tier 1 also gives you the Crane Control Room key upon completion. This early mission is more readily accessible than the high-tier Black Mous one.

White Lotus Tier 3 Mission “Unearthed”

While this doesn’t directly reward the key, you’ll need it to complete the “Unearthed” mission at Tier 3 for the White Lotus faction. We’ll cover how to leverage the key for this mission later.

Purchase Special Editions

Don’t want to grind faction missions but willing to shell out some cash? Buying certain special editions of Call of Duty games gets you the Crane Control Room key.

Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2

Cough up $99.99 for the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2, and you’ll receive 10 hours of double weapon XP tokens along with the Crane Control Room key. It’s a pricey shortcut but guarantees you the key.

Use Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Keys act as universal keys that can open any locked room, including the Crane Control Room. Get your hands on one of these keys as rare loot drops or mission rewards to conveniently access the Crane Control Room when needed.

Check Loot Caches

Keep an eye out when looting supply boxes and chests around Al Mazrah. The Crane Control Room key can turn up as a random loot drop from these caches, so be sure to crack them open.

Using the Crane Control Room Key in DMZ

Now that you’ve secured the valuable Crane Control Room key, it’s time to put it to use in DMZ. Here’s how to utilize it to unlock secrets and complete missions:

Navigate to the Crane Control Room

The Crane Control Room itself is situated within the Al-Safwa Quarry POI (point of interest) in the northwest region of Al Mazrah. You can spot its location clearly marked on the DMZ map.

Make your way over to the quarry once you’ve deployed into a DMZ match with the Crane Control Room key equipped in your backpack.

Take Down the Guards

As expected, some tough AI combatants will be guarding the Crane Control Room. They won’t give up their post easily. You’ll need to utilize sharp aim, equipment, and evasive maneuvers to defeat the AI guards.

Aim for headshots and use tacticals like flash grenades to gain the upper hand. Travel in a squad if taking down the guards solo seems too difficult initially.

Unlock the Room

Once you’ve cleared out the AI threats, walk right up to the Crane Control Room door and interact with it to use your key and unlock access.

Head inside and be prepared to loot some highly valuable contraband.

Loot the Room

A locked room this securely guarded must contain some goodies, and the Crane Control Room does not disappoint. You’ll find loot caches inside that contain rare weapons, armor, keys, cash, and killstreaks.

Grab everything you can carry to reward yourself for the effort it took to breach the room.

Obtain the Quarry Operations Folder

Make sure to pick up the Quarry Operations Folder from the Crane Control Room as well. This key item is essential for completing the “Unearthed” mission at Tier 3 for the White Lotus faction.

Retrieving this folder from the Crane Control Room lets you progress through the mission chain.

Exfil Successfully

With the loot secured and mission objective complete, your last step is to successfully exfil out of there. Check your tactical map for the nearest exfil point that’s currently active.

Use a vehicle to quickly travel to the exfil zone. Then, interact with the radio to call in the exfil chopper when you’re ready to escape. Protect yourself while waiting for the helicopter to arrive.

Hop aboard the chopper with all your hard-earned loot to finish the mission and bank those rewards!

Crane Control Room Key in Warzone 2

Acquiring and activating the Crane Control Room key works a bit differently in the main Warzone 2 Battle Royale modes compared to DMZ. Here’s a quick rundown of key tips for utilizing this special key in Warzone 2 matches:

Open Looted Rooms

When you come across locked and unopened rooms in POIs during a Warzone 2 match, you can use a found Crane Control Room key to open them and access the items inside.

This gives you an advantage for looting gear early in a match.

Cash in Battle Pass Rewards

Leveling up your Warzone 2 Battle Pass grants various rewards, including double XP tokens for weapons. So grinding the pass can earn you tokens to boost your weapon levels.

Complete DMZ Missions

Certain DMZ faction missions also reward double weapon XP tokens on completion. Tackling these missions gives you tokens to utilize in Warzone 2.

Take Part in Double XP Events

Keep an eye out for double XP weekends and events periodically held in Warzone 2. Participating in these limited-time events lets you earn double weapon XP to speed up unlocks.

Watch CDL Streams

You can link your Activision account to Twitch and watch live Call of Duty League streams to earn double weapon XP tokens for Warzone 2. It’s a neat bonus reward just for spectating competitive matches.

Activating Tokens in MW2 and Warzone 2

Once you have double XP tokens from the Crane Control Room key or other sources, here is how to activate them:

  • Equip the double XP tokens you want to use in your inventory. This makes them available for activation.
  • Load into a lobby in MW2 multiplayer or Warzone 2.
  • Look for the list of available tokens on the right side of the lobby screen and select the one you wish to activate.
  • Confirm activation of the token.
  • The timer for the token will now count down as you complete matches, granting you double XP during that period!

Key Takeaways

  • Complete faction missions like Black Mous’ “Quick and Dirty” to earn the Crane Control Room key as a reward.
  • Buy the Vault Edition of Modern Warfare 2 to obtain the key upfront.
  • Use the key in DMZ to unlock the Crane Control Room and loot rare items.
  • Acquire the Quarry Operations Folder from the Crane Control Room to finish the “Unearthed” mission.
  • Leverage Warzone 2 Battle Pass and DMZ mission rewards to get double XP tokens.
  • Activate your tokens from the pre-match lobby to boost weapon XP.

With this comprehensive guide under your belt, you are now fully prepared to acquire the elusive Crane Control Room key and maximize your DMZ and Warzone 2 experience. Happy hunting!